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PUSSY888 Online Slots Variety of Games Tons of Bonuses

How to win money at pussy888

Pussy888 is a great online casino app in Malaysia, Singapore and other Asian countries. The app has slot games, table games, fishing games and even arcade games. The most popular games on this APK include Dolphin Reef, Highway King, Bonus Bear, and Big Blue, all available with just one click.

Since online casinos offer currency exchange services, you can easily gamble with international players. Additionally, all graphics and music on this betting platform are high resolution or high quality. So, your experience will definitely be more interesting than usual.

Giving players the chance to win big by adding points and bonuses that can then be withdrawn by contacting a customer service representative. Available after installing the game. Anyone who has never won money playing an online slot game must understand that Pussy888 is a free slot game system.

The entire game is safe and secure, consisting of permissions and access records; people do not have to worry about their accounts and the data stored in the program.

However, slot machine mechanics actually use the player’s return method to provide bonuses or randomness. Free points slot machine software will generate millions of slot machine spins followed by bonus rounds or prizes. If any player is lucky, this means that after receiving the jackpot, they have to continue playing until the software is distributed. Many live chat sites also pay bonuses every 5-10 minutes. If anyone comes across a website that regularly offers bonuses, monitor the website and give yourself a chance to do so.

Playing the free Pussy888 slot can help you save money and make big money. Some jackpot winners are said to have received prizes of up to $100,000. Since the player played the same round as the bounty program, he was lucky enough to hit the jackpot

Pussy888 Fishing Game Play Guide

  1. Don’t pay too much attention to small fish
    • In this online fishing system, every bullet has its own price and value. I realized that if you shoot a small fish, the price you pay will not compare. 
    • For example calculation, 1x shot or bullet is worth 10 silver coins which is equal to MYR0.10, and the probability of small fish is 2, which means when you kill small fish, 
    • you will get 0.10×2 = 20 coins or, of course , if you shoot bigger fish with bullets, you will get bigger profits.
  2. Be more focused and patient
    • Catching big fish certainly requires patience and focused shooting. Because big fish are hard to turn off, 
    • this game really requires a lot of patience and focus on catching the big fish while getting the jackpot.
  3. Understand the functions of the weapons used
    • There are three types of weapons in this online fishing game. These three weapons include:
      • Normal rate of fire: We recommend using this type of weapon to target small fish, with a probability multiplier of 2 to 6.
      • Faster capture speed: This weapon means faster shooting speed, so we recommend using this type of weapon to kill big fish and jackpot fish in golden dragon form.
      • Target Use: This type of weapon is used to target the fish you want to kill.
  4. Know when to stop
    • In the fish pond game, whether you win or lose, you must have your own goals. 
    • If you’ve tried hard but haven’t reached your goal, you can take a break or stop for a while.
    • Our explanations in this article are enough, hopefully our discussion on guide and how to play Shooting Fish in Pussy888 can help you, 
    • especially for beginners who are new to this type of game